At the foundation we have learned to value those moments and that was what led a group of volunteers to begin a journey last Saturday from Santa Rita de Cascia Home to Casa de los Ángeles in Tocancipá, in order to give a special day to Lulú, one of our girls who was also accompanied by three of her little brothers from our home celebrate her birthday.
The logistic included mobilizing the children with two nurses, carrying wheelchairs and of course everything needed for the celebration. The joy and emotion of each little one was reflected in their eyes and were visualized in every corner of Casa de los Ángeles and, of course, also in their beneficiaries; but this tour had a special place that awaited them eagerly, the “Hogar Amparo de Ángeles”, the dream under construction that will be the new home for children like Lulú, to whom we have the mission care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The beautiful birthday girl was received with a sign of welcome in the building trade, there we were able to affirm the value of this home, the cries of joy invaded each space and were enough reasons to know that each space will have a purpose and that the foundation of this home has been built thanks to the donor angels who have come through their contributions.
During a day full of hugs, smiles, and delicious food, we realized that our lives often go by in the midst of routine events that take hours and days, but we started to think: What is the routine of those who have been bedridden all their lives? The love and commitment of the volunteers who accompanied each child taught us a way to turn our own lives and those of others, this day not only allowed us to change the routine of the volunteers and companions, it also gave a different routine to these four brave little ones, even the main goal was achieved: to celebrate life by living every minute to the full.
Thanks to the volunteers, godparents, collaborators for making this celebration the best day, but above all for their love and commitment to our mission.

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