Last weekend, Grandfather’s Day was celebrated in Colombia, a date to remember them and highlight the importance they have within society, even more so when many of them are discriminated against and end up alone, without resources and living on the streets, of charity. For the Fundación Proyecto Unión this date is commemorated every day of the year, thanks to the collaboration of our angel donors, we can provide them with hot food, in the “Comedor María es mi Madre” and a dignified room, with a clean bed and bathroom so that they can spend the night sheltered from the cold in the “Casa la Esperanza”.
The mission of our foundation is to get up every day to give hope to vulnerable human beings, which is why an average of 120 older adults who ended up on the streets get up early every day to receive their breakfast and lunch in our community dining room, located in the center of the capital. Today Amanda, Nadia and Rosy, a group of volunteer angels who for years have been present with their gestures of kindness and affection towards this population, surprised them with arepa, hot chocolate, cheese, cake and bread to remind grandparents that they will always be special and important beings for our society.
A hug, a smile or just the fact of greeting them becomes a sign of affection for them, so today we want to thank our angel donors and volunteers for facilitating the fulfillment of our mission and for transmitting feelings of love, understanding and solidarity to our grandparents, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

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