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Inclusive Colombia

The place where life recovers hope

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Human willingness

Dr. Fernando Quintero Hernández

“We are aware that taking care of the children and elderly people in our country requires lots of work and commitment from everyone. Therefore, we continue to work very hard under the premise that the world is not changed by money, it is changed through human willingness”.

We are a non-profit organization incorporated from the conviction of Dr. Fernando Quintero-Hernandez, to bring back hope to human beings who need to cope with adversity, by restoring the fundamental rights that have been violated: access to health, in particular.

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We get up every morning to bring back hope to human beings in vulnerable conditions who have lost all hope.


We dream and work to improve the health care of our children in a continuous, timely, and quality fashion. We also work to dignify the lives of elderly street dwellers.


Two decades serving the community

Looking back at our history and impact on the most vulnerable communities in Colombia and neighboring countries »

Our values

An organization in action

Solidarity brings us together for a purpose; perseverance drives us to overcome challenges, everything grounded in teamwork. These values not only define who we are but also shape our commitment to creating a positive impact with every step we take »

In our organization, we are ruled by fundamental values that drive every action and decision. Integrity is our compass, commitment is our driving force, and respect is our foundation. We seek happiness in every achievement, embrace honesty in every interaction, and dedicate ourselves to serving with passion.

Our reason for being

Who do we help and how?

All year round, 365 days, we care for children with disabilities, who could not be cared for by their families, as well as those who suffer complex diseases such as cancer and elderly street dwellers »

We lead programs that improve the quality of life and bring back hope to the hearts of our beneficiary children and elderly people.

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Junto a mi esposa Ana nos encanta ayudar y ya retirado del trabajo, aprovecho mi tiempo para apoyar el transporte de elementos de la sede de Bogotá a la sede de Tocancipá.

Camilo Ricaurte LinaresÁngel Voluntario

Acá encontré una respuesta a mi necesidad, trabajando al cuidado de los niños, en Centro de Vida, al lado de mi hija Tania, que padece de parálisis cerebral espástica y es beneficiaria.

Patricia EscárragaAuxiliar de Enfermería

Conocí la franqueza y el amor verdadero. Aprendí lo importante que es conocer a la gente con el corazón abierto y que una simple sonrisa puede marcar una gran diferencia.

Johana ReimVoluntaria Internacional

Marcar la diferencia e impactar a población vulnerable en navidad, fue el objetivo como organización, por ello aportamos al comedor de abuelitos.

Juan Sebastián JiménezDirector de Asuntos Públicos Sostenibilidad y Comunicaciones de Coca-Cola

Incorporated by founder Dr. Fernando Quintero, the Board of Directors, a public accountant, and a statutory auditor. Having received legal personality from the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF, in Spanish) under the supervision of the Mayor’s Office and the Secretary of Health of Bogota. This is an organization authorized to issue donation certificates.