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Who we are?

We are the place where life gains home

“We are aware that everyone’s work and commitment is required to care for children and the elderly in our country, that is why we continue to work very hard with the premise that at the world is not changed by money, but by human will”

Dr. Fernando Quintero, founder and director.


Fundación Proyecto Unión was born from the conviction of a man of restore hope in all human beings who suffer a adversity. Dr. Fernando Quintero, after graduating from Medical Surgeon of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, he decides to dedicate his life and his talent to get up every day to improve the quality of life of at least a person. This is how in 1999 he opened his doors with the medical offices in the Ciudad Bolívar neighborhoods, on Calle del Cartucho (2000) and Planadas en el Río Bogotá (2001) to meet the needs of the neighboring population, restoring fundamental rights violated, especially access to health.

María es mi Madre

Dining Room was founded by Father Ray Schambach Garcés, founder of the Divine Providence fraternity and mentor of the Dr. Fernando Quintero throughout his life project, as a volunteer and as professional. Ray and Father Rodrigo Ospina S. J. changed the life of Dr. Quintero, director of the Fundación Proyecto Unión, who started as fraternity volunteer, bringing a sandwich and juice from Usaquén to downtown, for the grandparents and ended up leading this program that has been offering breakfast and lunch daily for more than 20 years to elderly street dwellers.

Casa de la Esperanza

was also created by Father Ray, as a nursing home that he remodeled in 2008, later without resources to maintaining it gave the place to Dr. Fernando Quintero, who leads currently this program aimed at rescuing the dignity of the elderly street dweller

Casa de los Ángeles

Created one day in 2000 when Dr. Fernando Quintero, carrying out his mission as a volunteer in the oncology ward of the La Misericordia Hospital in Bogotá, found a mother from Aquitania Boyacá, taking care of her sick child. Her face reflected the suffering and the need for a helping hand when asked how she helped her, she replied that if she offered her a chocoramo and a juice it was enough since she came from far away and had not eaten a bite all day, since her son was hospitalized and ill.

Thinking of many families who go through these types of circumstances, Dr. Quintero goes to the bank for $ 2,000,000 and rents a house in the Ciudad Jardín Norte neighborhood. Four years later, thanks to a foreign businesswoman, it was possible to buy the house that worked for 14 years and moved to the municipality of Tocancipá, where it currently operates.

Centro de Vida

Today the Foundation has grown strengthening its mission and its processes thanks to all those who have joined, giving way to the construction of a great dream that will be called Centro de Vida Los Ángeles, a specialized pediatric unit , the only one of its kind that will restore hope to hundreds of children in our country. The first stage of that great dream was built on the land donated by Parque Jaime Duque in Tocancipá during 2017 and in July 2018 it opened its doors to welcome families who they are going through a difficult illness.


We get up every day to regain the hope of humans beings in a vulnerable condition who have lost it.


We dream and work to improve health care for our childhood in a continuous, timely and quality way as well as we work for the dignity of the life of the elderly street dweller.

The wings to fly of the geese that identify our logo, have a very special meaning, they were created thanks to a book that Dr. Fernando Quintero, where he recounted how geese help each other mutually to undertake their migratory flights. This is how the initiative arose to bring and motivate people to join this great project, through donations, knowledge contributions, volunteering, family, acquaintances and friends who became multipliers of this great social work. In its beginnings, the Foundation was supported by resources of its Director and the collaboration of some people, little by little donations grew, materials and non-monetary donations improved the facilities of each of the venues.

Project Union People

All members of our organization are committed to generating positive change and returning the hope of living with dignity to populations in vulnerable conditions.

Coordination and Support Team of the Santa Rita de Cascia Home

“We are grateful to God and to life for every minute of happiness it gives us.”

Nursing Team

“Our presence lights a light of love and solidarity in each of the people who visit us.”

Human Management Team

“Self-confidence is the first secret of success.”

Special Education Team

“We are all important, because of the love and commitment we put into our work.”

Senior Adult Coordination and Support Team

“Together we make this place a haven of love and tranquility.”

Know our values

Values ​​that identify the members of the organization and that every day lead us to be better people


We are integral people, faithful to our principles and values, always working with rectitude and honesty and directing our actions to the construction of our families and a better society.


We wake up every day with the conviction and determination to help regain hope and improve every day to continue supporting future generations.


We value each individual for his being, his history, his culture and his pathologies. Therefor we recognize each other as an important part of the construction from a different country.


We are characterized by being an always positive, happy team that we deliver a smile and our heart in each of our actions.


We carry out an efficient management of our resources and do our work always in a transparent way to improve the quality of life of all our beneficiaries.


We are convinced that good, warm and loving treatment generates well-being and recovers the hope of those who give and those who receive. That way we are helping to create a better society.


We can all help society to generate principles of equity, justice social development, wealth and a true sense of humanity inspiring and sharing our dream.


We try to do our job continuously, excellently and improving the quality standards looking for options in a creative way to exceed the difficulties.


We know that our work generates optimal results to the extent that tunes in with the work of others, managing to be a professional team, responsible, who understands the importance of each one’s action.


All of us who know and made the decision to be part of the Fundación Proyecto Unión:

We BELIEVE that human capabilities are infinite and in a time of need this makes a difference.
We BELIEVE that we can all help restore human dignity with small actions every day.
We are convinced that we can help society create wealth, develop values, generate principles of equity, social justice and develop a true sense of humanity.
We BELIEVE that the care of a good health team at the right time helps to generate confidence and desire to live.
We firmly BELIEVE in the need to create bridges between human beings and support each other in needs.
We know that many people have nothing in the world, but we also know that there are many people willing to help them regain lost hope.
We BELIEVE that society is a whole and helping to heal a wound produces well-being in the family, society and the whole world.
We BELIEVE that a society that does not care for its helpless and sick children and the elderly has no reason to feel proud and developed.
We always BELIEVE that it is better to light a candle than to curse in the dark.

Life testimonials

At age 14 a tumor in her leg changed her life, she arrived from her native Bucaramanga as a beneficiary of Casa de los Ángeles, she had to decide to lose her leg to continue with her life and today her desire to improve has allowed her to work as an Assistant Financial of your Foundation.

Jenny González

His life passed very normal next to her family, but due to external circumstances he lost his job, this affected everything about him until he lost her family, started alcohol and ended up on the street. There he discovered the Comedor María es mi madre, his desire to improve himself made it possible for the foundation's directors to believe in him and she currently works in an exemplary way as coordinator of the Casa la Esperanza.

Ciro Cortés

He came to Casa la Esperanza approximately 5 years ago due to a difficult financial situation. He began collaborating in the dining room, he became more and more involved with the foundation demonstrating his honesty and desire to get ahead, now he is not only a messenger but he supports unconditionally as a Volunteer Angel in the different requirements of the house.

Wilber Arcila

She came from his native Manaure Cesar to Bogota at the age of 17, seeking support for a bone marrow transplant that she requires to recover from an illness. She met the foundation through Casa de los Ángeles, where they were given full support, but she showed her courage to fight for her dreams and now she not only works as a communications assistant at the foundation, but is also a Jaime Duque´s Park guide.

Maryann Reyes