Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia

We welcome children who for different reasons, their families could not take care of them.


Casa de los Ángeles

We take care of improving their health condition and quality of life.


Comedor María es mi Madre

We contribute to the construction of a more loving, happy and developed society.


Casa de la Esperanza

We welcome the elderly street dwellers in a decent home so that they can spend the night under a safe roof and a clean bed.


What is Fundación Proyecto Unión?

We are a non-profit organization, created in 1999 that works for social inclusion, recovering the hope of two of the most vulnerable and special populations: sick children with difficult-to-manage pathologies and elderly people living on the streets of our country.

Because we continue to change realities, our dream will allow no child to be alone, abandoned and sick in a hospital in our country.

As we know that for now you cannot come to our house to play with us, we invite you to get to know it and be part of this great family that gives us all the love and care we need to live happily.

For over more than 20 years of experience we have managed to restore hope to:



with complex illnesses, serious pathologies and cerebral palsy fully cared for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our interdisciplinary team and our volunteer angels for 19 years.



who have traveled from far away have been welcomed into a home with food and comprehensive care, while their children receive medical treatment to treat complex illnesses.



street dwellers are fed and protected daily and 60 abandoned grandparents who lived on the street now have a clean roof and bed to spend their nights and receive the care, affection and friendship they need at this stage of their lives.

Join the Plan Chanchito!

Each contribution will help transform many lives.


Historias Inspiradoras
14 July, 2023


The life of the Children hosted at Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia would not be the same without the joy and heart that the team of volunteer angels of Fundación…
Historias Inspiradoras
1 July, 2023


For the past year, we have had the pleasure of having Johana Reim, a young volunteer from Germany, who despite her not being fluent in Spanish, has brought all her…
Historias Inspiradoras
23 June, 2023


"Since last April, when the first stage of Hogar Amparo Quin was opened at Centro de Vida in Tocancipá (Cundinamarca), the first recreational vacations in the countryside were held for…

Dream Board

Do you want to help and don’t know how to do it? If you want to contribute to improving the quality of life of the children and/or grandparents of the Foundation, Get to know the main needs of each of our programs through the Dream Board, then contact us so that united we can transform the lives of those who need it most.


How to get help

We support the most vulnerable populations through programs that ensure that hope is kept in the hearts of children and grandparents. To access any of the programs you must fill out the attached form.

For children who come from afar to receive medical treatment in the capital

If you know or are a person who is going through a difficult situation because you live far from the capital and you require that your sick child receive medical treatment in Bogotá, where you do not know anyone or do not have a place to stay, contact us at Casa de Los Angeles we have a home to receive you for the duration of your treatment.

Cell phone 317 3658507 / 311 2596678

For children with special conditions or illnesses that are difficult to manage

If you know or are a mother with a child with special conditions and difficult-to-manage diseases that you do not have the ability to care for, we can guide you at Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia, with the support of the ICBF we will study your case to help you.

Phone: 2170277-3480845

For elderly street dwellers

If you know or are an elderly person, who does not have a home to spend the night and a place to receive their food, in the Maria is my Mother and Casa de la Esperanza dining room you will find unconditional support to attend to your situation and accompany you in this important stage of your life.

Phone: 2804207- 2806055

You can also write to us at fundacion@proyectounion.org


We seek that new allies join every day to transform realities through the union of efforts, resources and knowledge that allow to restore hope to those who need it most.

Friends of Angels

For family members and / or friends who live abroad and wish to join our cause, Friends of Angels, a Foundation established in the United States, was created in the city of Miami (Florida) with the purpose of convening more volunteers and benefactors of the world to join in the construction of the dreams of the Fundación Proyecto Unión, restoring hope to hundreds of children and grandparents living on the streets of our country.
We have our doors open to receive volunteers who wish to come and support our work, we receive donations and we issue the corresponding certificates.

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Parque Jaime Duque

Parque Jaime Duque, an institution of a cultural and recreational nature created with the aim of supporting childhood, elderly, education, culture, recreation and promoting care for the environment, fully identifies with the objectives of the Fundación Proyecto Union, therefore, we work together to create solutions that generate a true change to the realities faced today by hundreds of abandoned, lonely and sick children in Colombian hospitals. Since Fundación Proyecto Unión began to work hand to hand with the Park, many of the dreams and projects aimed at restoring hope to children and the elderly living on the streets of our country have been materialized.

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Allies from heart

Discover here our Allies of Heart. Thanks to them, high-risk children, who for the most part their parents could not take care of, and elderly homeless people have been able to benefit from the contributions they provide us. Each one makes our work possible and that our mission has a greater scope. We invite you to be part of our Allies of Heart; Join this great cause by adding social value to your company, organization or family. Together we can generate a positive impact on the most vulnerable communities.


Helping is easy!

Together we will be able to change many lives, each contribution is important to fulfill our mission.