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“Yesterday, we received with lots of joy 200 staff members of Boehringer, the world leader pharmaceutical company, who came to visit our seat in the municipality of Tocancipá, (Cundinamarca). They decided to celebrate Volunteers’ Day at country level, by supporting the objective of preserving life. This is the same objective that inspires and has brought together the Proyecto Unión and Parque Jaime Duque Foundations for more than two decades.

Since early hours in the morning, staff arrived from different cities in Colombia to Parque Jaime Duque, with a very good attitude and expectation for what this great day was to bring. The Day began with a virtual meeting with the different seats to highlight the importance for Boehringer, as a company, of the different Days held worldwide in benefit of the communities in need. From there, very motivated, they moved to Ecoparque Sabana, where they performed the very important activity of planting trees, giving maintenance to the forests, thus leaving their personal mark and showing the institutional commitment in favor of preserving the planet.

In turn, another group of volunteers spent the day with beneficiary children of the Centro de Vida by Fundación Proyecto Unión and together with pedagogy professionals they performed musical, painting and singing activities. They also shared lunch and visited the facilities of the new nursing home, for which Boehringer, through its social commitment, donated resources for the construction of a room located in the 4th stage of the development.
Yesterday was a very exiting day: a different one, full of new experiences, surrounded by nature, and in which the staff not only had the chance to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, but they also learned about certain realities and sealed their commitment in favor of transforming the planet and the lives of many children who are born with complex conditions and who have no access to timely and quality health services, a circumstance shared by elderly people in our country.

Thank you to all the Boehringer volunteers for your commitment to preserving life!