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“In a very emotional and enriching meeting, Fundación Proyecto Unión held a workshop named “Thinking About the Caregiver”, aimed at highlighting the importance of families in caregiving to contribute to the well-being of disabled people, in particular those participating in the therapy programs provided at the seat of Centro de Vida.

During this inspiring day, the dedication and commitment of those who provide daily care was highlighted, and special emphasis was placed on the need that caregivers have to find a safe space to freely express their emotions.

The workshop became a space to share and reflect. Participating families shared their experience in providing care for people with disabilities. The moving and courageous stories shared reminded us of the vital importance of caregivers in the lives of those who depend on them. Emotions surfaced and barriers were broken down, allowing for a genuine exchange and to strengthen the bonds between participants.
Fundación Proyecto Unión wishes to express its deepest gratitude to all those who participated in this significant workshop. Your valuable contribution and openness in sharing your personal experiences have left an indelible mark on our organization. We recognize and value the effort, dedication and unconditional love that caregivers provide on a daily basis, and we will continue to work tirelessly to provide them with the necessary support in their very important line of work.

Together, we will build a more inclusive and empathetic environment, for everyone, to flourish and thrive, regardless of their abilities.”