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“Solidarity and social commitment are essential values which must always be present in our community. Our great ally, West Pharmaceutical is a very good example of a corporation that embodies such values. Within the framework of the celebration of their centennial, West Pharmaceutical decided to commemorate this very important milestone in their history by doing something that would have a positive impact on children in vulnerable conditions, beneficiaries of Fundación Proyecto Unión, through their global foundation: “West Without Borders”.

As they are aware of the hardships that many children in our country have to live, in 2022 they decided to join the “Centro de Desarrollo Social Amparo Quin” project by financing the construction of an entire room inside the house that hosts our little ones. The works were conducted by a team of highly trained and committed professionals who built a room, compliant with the comfort required by our beneficiary children.

Led by Mauricio Carrasquilla, their General Manager, the opening ceremony for the room was held yesterday. Some staff members of West Pharmaceutical and the Foundation were joyfully accompanied by the beneficiary children. This will not only be a safe, comfortable and decent space for the children living in the house, but also an example that Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of a successful and sustainable company. Mr. Carrasquilla expressed his gratitude to all the people involved in this social innovation project and restated the commitment of the company towards the foundation, as well as their willingness to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

We want to take this opportunity to thank and highlight the great work and dedication by West Pharmaceutical: they, through their solidarity and efforts, are a source of inspiration for all those who want to make this world a better place. Their efforts have made it possible for many children to have a more decent and comfortable life.

Thank you for inspiring us to continue working to make this a better world!