In recent days the Fundación Proyecto Unión received an unexpected donation that will help strengthen the passion for learning through play, technology, innovation and fun, it is a dome made in Mexico, unique of its kind in our country. country, which began as a business initiative but finally, through the work of Santa Rita de Cascia, came to transform the lives of many children.

“This initiative began as an entrepreneurial project, of a playful and educational nature, aimed at schools and foundations to support learning processes in a different way with documentaries in three dimensions,” our donor angel Luis Gabriel Forero, a marketing professional, told us. and advertising. He fell in love with this project, it was his plan B, since he currently has his job and despite the difficulties that arose to carry it out, together with two partners they made it come true. It was a learning process where they managed to make some presentations, but as a business it did not work out, the partners left and he was left in charge.

Although Gabriel continued working, the situation regarding the dome was complex, the pandemic also affected him to continue with his undertaking, so being very devoted to Santa Rita de Cascia, he put him in prayer to make the best decision, since he sold it in parts it was an option, but he was not satisfied with it. Due to fate, he received an email from the U. Javeriana where he did his specialization, about a campaign to support the Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia, a program of the Fundación Proyecto Unión and that name touched the fibers of his heart, that Santa, Patron Saint of the Impossible, came into his life 4 years ago and has great meaning for him.

This is how Gabriel and his wife Irida Heidi Cavanzo met the foundation, became donor angels and felt that call of love and affection that led them to make the decision to donate the dome for children, an activity that took place in the past few days. at the headquarters of Casa de los Ángeles de Tocancipá. “If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean I should die,” said Gabriel, who along with his wife Irida Heidi, feel happy because they know that the dome will fulfill the mission for which it was acquired. For its part, the Foundation only has feelings of gratitude to the work of our Saint and her managers, because in the company of Jaime Duque Park, the dome will open the doors again for many children to take advantage of it, have fun and learn in a different way .

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