On the occasion of the celebration of world environment day, the Baxter and Baxter RCS Volunteer Program celebrated it in the best way, virtually, hand in hand with the Sabana Ecopark and participating in the delivery of donations to the Fundación Proyecto Unión, in its headquarters of the Life Center in Tocancipá. This company, which is part of the Lito green points program, collected 15,477.1 kilos of waste from electronic devices between 2019 and 2020, which became money that was enough to purchase dozens of disposable diapers for the beneficiary children of the Hogar Santa Rita of Cascia.

Baxter is a company that manufactures and markets life-saving products around the world and on this occasion its volunteers, aware of the importance of environmental responsibility, managed to meet the goal, through proper management of electrical and electronic equipment waste. – WEEE and other waste, so that your points become support to those who need it most. In turn, other large companies such as Falabella, Hospital Mederi, IPS Virrey Solis, Electroingenieria SAS, Lime Network SAS, RTS who are part of this Green Points program Lito, thanks to the awareness carried out within their organizations, have achieved important processes for the return of waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, and fluorescent lamps, among others, in such a way that these elements have been incorporated into the utilization chains, so that they have the best final disposal and benefit in this opportunity to the children of our Foundation.

The ultimate goal of all is to build a better world, in which all companies contribute their elements to obtain points that bring benefits to many foundations that, as Project Union, provide children with life expectancy.

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