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“The Day of the Earth was celebrated last Saturday. On this date, a group of Microsoft volunteers, together with their families, participated in activities aimed at promoting care for our resources and creating an ideal ambient to share with the beneficiary children of “Centro de Vida”, hand in hand with our team of professionals.

The volunteers demonstrated their affection and empathy for the children while conducting the activity of painting and decorating hands that were then printed into a wall mural, as a symbol of the good footprint our good deeds leave for the benefit of our planet.

In closing such activity, they visited the orchard together with the children in the “Dejando Huellas” (Leaving a Footprint) program and the staff, where they supported watering the vegetables that are grown in this area and which have turned into a sustainability strategy for the nursing homes.

Microsoft has developed volunteering activities in the different seats of Fundación Proyecto Unión, supporting every beneficiary population. Throughout this process, the different experiences have enriched the heart of this group of volunteers, who bring into action their willingness to help, and leave a positive footprint of good deeds for our planet.”