Thanks to the agreement established between INTERN COLOMBIA S.A.S and Fundación Proyecto Unión, from now on, we will have the opportunity to have international professional volunteers to support the fulfillment of our mission. INTERN COLOMBIA provides the service of facilitator of international interns, at no cost to the organization in a remote and face-to-face modalities, its task is to search for the required profiles, present them to the Foundation and once it is selected, it will be the responsibility of Fundación Proyecto Unión to direct its practice, set the schedule and carry out the induction established for practitioners.

INTERN COLOMBIA was founded in Bogotá, on January 25th, 2017, with the aim of connecting organizations in Colombia with international talent through their international internship programs, currently more than 100 interns have worked in different companies and foundations of our country. As for Fundación Proyecto Unión has always had their doors open to the “Volunteers in Action we are changing the world” program, which has welcomed more than 50 young people from 13 countries around the world who decided to put into action their desire to help as volunteers in the different programs offered by the organization.

This will be a great opportunity to get closer to other cultures, share our realities and add experiences from professionals who contribute their knowledge for the benefit of a non-profit organization that works to recover hope and vulnerable populations in our country.

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