When it comes to helping, there are no excuses; This is how Juliana Munera created “Arc en ciel”, an accessories venture that was born as a result of the pandemic and the search for new skills while we are at home; Taking into account the situation that the country is going through, this venture would not only benefit its clients with beautiful accessories, but its main objective is to contribute 40% of the profits to different foundations, sharing a grain of sand to their missions.

The Fundación Proyecto Unión is part of those organizations to which “Arc en Ciel” provided support; It should be noted that Juliana comes to the Foundation, thanks to some classmates from the school who carried out their social practices approximately 2 years ago and shared with her the work that is carried out for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations in our programs for children and grandparents, which is why that this young entrepreneur decided to support us.

Proyecto Unión´s family thanks Juliana and her entrepreneurship for being part of the young people who dream of transforming the world with actions made from the heart.

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