There are some hard diseases, others unknown, one or another that goes unnoticed, and from time to time, a disease comes making so much noise that it impacts many lives. This is the case of Julián López, a sweet and cheerful 11-year-old boy from Mocoa Putumayo who suffers from type 1 neurofibromatosis. Camilo López, Julián’s father, is coping with his son’s disease, because although he does not suffer from it, he esperiences day by day, looking for the best treatments and finding the means to make his child happy within the framework of this difficult situation.

But in the midst of adversity, Camilo and Julián managed to find angels who crossed their path, Fundación Proyecto Unión and Fundación Dharma, who welcomed them in Bogotá and have been accompanying them during their treatment that is carried out under the auspices of the San Ignacio Hospital. And next to them was added the Satena airline that extends its wings to Putumayo, fulfilling not only the mission of supporting the populations of remote territories, but also becoming a light of hope for a family in need.

The severity of a disease can be divided into several aspects, because among the symptoms, pain and mood, there is a factor that is crucial for the human being, and that is aesthetics. The main characteristic of this disease is a series of benign tumors that grow as a result of the nervous system, the problem, beyond nerve and neuronal damage, is also a physical and psychological damage because these tumors deform the body.

It is not easy for Camilo and his wife to always keep their hopes high, but they are fighting parents who dream of seeing their son studying, playing and growing up like any other child his age, because in the middle of the fight it is worth dreaming and that is possible thanks to the angels that appeared on his path.

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