Thanks to our Donating Angels German Camacho and his wife Cristina, 30 old women beneficiaries of the “Comedor María es mi Madre” received a voucher for $100.000 COP, on the occasion of the month of love and friendship (September). This gift had a great meaning to all of them since they usually don’t have enough money to meet their necessities and have a decent life.

This precious act of solidarity by German and his wife not only consisted in collecting the money, but they also decided to bring it and give it directly to them, while they shared a meal where they exchanged smiles and forged friendship bonds. Thanks to this generous family for putting into action their wish to help others and helping us transform the lives of the elderly who live in the streets.

Thank you, donating angels, for giving a smile back and bringing hope to the more vulnerable populations of our country.

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