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More than a year ago, María Camila Lugo created the “My Angel” program with the sole purpose of transforming the grief for a loss into love to transform lives: those of more than 60 children who suffer complex conditions at Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia by Fundación Proyecto Unión. More than 1000 people decided to put into action their desire to support this noble cause and have joined the different initiatives led from the heart by María Camila through her Instagram account @camilalugonunez, allowing her to bring hope and address the main needs of children.

In this opportunity, Angie Virgüez from Casting Joyería (Casting Jewelers) learned from María Camila about the essence of this project, and joined in without hesitation by supplying the silver chains with the exclusive design of “The Wings of Juan”. Their unique design symbolizes the protection and happiness that the soul of Juan Andrés irradiates from heaven. These more than enough reasons made it possible for many donor angels who believed and have partnered with this initiative to buy such chains. The small wings in the chain also have a special meaning for those people who have a dear one in heaven; they asserted than when wearing the chain they would be using the protective wings of their mother, father or spouse, while transforming lives.

Once María Camila accomplished the goal of her third project, yesterday she visited the facilities of Hogar Santa Rita, together with Angie and her daughter Isabella, with the purpose of delivering an important donation composed by milk, diapers, deodorant and dietary supplements purchased with the proceeds of the sales of the chains, thus contributing to the health and wellbeing of 60 children.

Thank you to all of you who joined this great project which, though the protective angel that lights up our paths from heaven, inspires and invites us to put into action the desire to help the most vulnerable children.