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Laura Camila López Torres (izq) y Carol Snerly Castañeda (Der)

From last August, college students Carol Castañeda and Laura López who are pursuing the Social Work program at Universidad Minuto de Dios are conducting their internship in the “María es Mi Madre” community dining room, under the guidance of Leidy Zamudio, a Fundación Proyecto Unión professional in the field.

Since their arrival to this seat, working with elderly street dwellers has been strengthened: on one hand, the database is now being updated to provide assistance to the main needs of the beneficiaries of the dining room and giving them out badges. Last week, a participatory workshop on the usage norms for the dining room was conducted and they profited the opportunity to deliver personal hygiene kits and ruanas (traditional blankets) donated by Amparo Serrano, one of our angel donors, who, even if living abroad, sends us donations from time to time for the children’s and elderly people programs.

Thanks to the leadership of Leidy Zamudio, the initiative and commitment of these young ladies, the dining room will start conducting a series of campaigns such as holding the Hairstyling Day, requiring the Registrar Office to provide the elderly with identification cards, the delivery of eyeglasses, a cane and a wheelchair to dignify the life of these people who live in vulnerable conditions.