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“Since last April, when the first stage of Hogar Amparo Quin was opened at Centro de Vida in Tocancipá (Cundinamarca), the first recreational vacations in the countryside were held for the beneficiary children of Fundación Proyecto Unión, which brought a significant change to the lives of these children and their caregivers.

As Mario Trujillo, a member of the psychosocial team said, the fact of going out to enjoy the fresh air offered by this location, the large spaces and the open environment that allows permanent contact with nature, has had a significant impact on the health and development processes of each child, thus generating outstanding changes, particularly in those who have great sensory sensitivity.

The entire interdisciplinary team of professionals working in the comprehensive care of the beneficiary children has witnessed these important advances. For example, the nursing area highlights the fact that there has been a decrease in seizures, muscle spasms and over-infections, as well as a significant improvement in sleep patterns, gait and position, and in higher processes such as attention, memory, language and communication with the environment.

In turn, the members of the psychosocial team emphasize that during this process of adaptation to the new environment, the children have been observed to be more alert, achieving a behavioral activation connected to exploring the environment, walking, crawling, being more receptive and strengthening the interaction with their peers.

Likewise, the members of the pedagogical area, assert that the space is appropriate for early stimulation, achieving important results such as improving balance and allowing children to walk autonomously and safely. On the other hand, it was evident that the space strengthens gross motor processes such as running, jumping and crawling. In addition, the green area lends itself to tactile stimulation with different textures such as water, soil, grass, dry leaves and stones, among others. As a result, reading outdoors has become one of the children’s favorite activities.

The greatest impact of this vacations is undoubtedly manifested in the face of each one of the children, who convey their great emotions through a smile, or a look full of joy and the calm that comes from living in this new home. Thank you to all those who have made it possible for this dream under construction to come to life to allow us transform many lives. From now on, the doors of this new seat are open for our volunteers, interns, allies and friends to visit us and support the important mission of bringing back hope to children who need it the most.”