The values that are learned within a family are essential and will be the reflection of children and young people in the future. Generosity, respect, commitment, gratitude, responsibility and humility, among others, are just some of the values that are taught within the family and that are currently being put into practice, the young student Sofia Cañón and her mother Aminta Ávila at the Santa Rita de Cascia Home of the Fundación Proyecto Unión.
Sofia came to our organization a month ago because of a friend, looking for a suitable place to perform her social service, she just wanted to feel useful to society, when she met this home and its needs, I do not hesitate to invite Mrs. Aminta, her mother. From that moment on, mother and daughter enjoy every Saturday morning when they arrive very early to share their time with the children of the foundation, they have already learned to fold and organize in each drawer the children’s clothes, help to give them food, while supporting all the work required at home.
“We were very struck by doing social work together, the experience has been really rewarding for our lives”, said Aminta, who doesn’t hesitate to invite more people to be part of the Foundation’s volunteer team. The practice of the values that are learned within the family is part of the social and emotional development of the human being. Therefore, it is essential for society to practice them in such a special place, where parents and children come together to transform the lives of vulnerable populations such as sick children and elderly street dwellers.

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