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“As always, every need at the foundation is timely served by the team of “Dream Builders”, who moved from the Tocancipá seat to fix the flooring of the Oxygen dependent patients’ room at Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia.

Jose Quilindo, Bryan Castro and Gabriel Camacho had already been volunteers at this Nursing Home, so for them, coming to accomplish the mission of fixing the floors allows them to demonstrate the commitment, affection and professionalism that each one of them have to improve the life quality and bring back hope to each one of the beneficiary children.

From very early hours, they arrived with the best attitude and a set of tools to replace the floors. The room, where oxygen dependent children sleep is now as good as new. During the day, they had time to spend with the children and collaborators at the house, they enjoyed lunch and they went back home in the afternoon, greatly satisfied, joyful, knowing that their mission was accomplished”