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Last Saturday we received a very special visit by the work team of Croda Colombia, a company that provides raw materials to different industries in the country. One of the qualities they have is that they promote activities or projects with other organizations by using science to improve lives.

In December 2022, Coda participated in one of the Christmas Novenary celebrations in Hogar Santa Santa Rita de Cascia, where they had the chance to sing Christmas carols with the children. During 2023, the desire to help continues to strengthen within each one of the members of the corporation, and therefore, for the month of February their support focused towards “The Dreams Dashboard”, where the priority needs of each program are posted and this time the turn was for “Casa de los Ángeles”.

Likewise, their visit was aimed at sharing with children beneficiaries of the “Dejando Huella “(Leaving Traces) program through play, where values such as collaboration, patience and learning, in particular, were promoted, since one of the activities performed was to discover a new way of creating bubbles to blow.

Blowing bubbles outdoors was a fun space that caught the attention of big and small. Through this activity, the children developed very important capacities such as teamwork, sharing and collaborating to achieve great results at the end. We want to thank Croda Colombia for sharing these types of spaces with our children where they can develop even more curiosity for everything that results unknown, and which helps them approach difficult times with more enthusiasm, and where discovery and science become part of the game.