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“Filled with lots of energy, but most of all with lots of love, a group of volunteers from Microsoft arrived to the «Comedor María es mi Madre» by Fundación Proyecto Unión.

The purpose of the volunteer work today was to fix and serve breakfast, share with the elderly street dwellers, conduct the cleaning and dish washing shores and also helping organize the pantry and pharmacy areas.

The willingness to serve and joy that each one of the volunteers conveyed to the beneficiaries was greatly appreciated and they even sang songs for them.

For Carlos Mahecha, Services Consultant, much more than just breakfast for the elderly, this was breakfast for the souls of the volunteers.
In turn, Pilar Cárdenas, another volunteer who attended together with her husband, shared her testimony: “we are very happy to be here today, because we are aware that in a simple way, we are able to share, help serve breakfast, meet people as nice as these elderly people. I invite you all to participate: the benefit is not only for them, but also for ourselves”.

Thank you to all of these volunteer angels from Microsoft who decided to bring to life their willingness to help in each one of the programs by the Foundation.

Through each one of the activities conducted, they have left a footprint in the heart of the children, elderly people and in the whole Proyecto Union Family”