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“Today, the first 12 children from Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia, who came to enjoy their Easter vacations at the Life Center of the Union Project Foundation, located in Tocancipá were received in the middle of an Honor Guard, full of expectation, applause, music and great joy.

The past few weeks were very busy but exiting for the different work groups of the Jaime Duque and Proyecto Unión Foundations, who made their best efforts to have everything ready for this great day. On one hand, the members of the “Constructores de Sueños” (Dream Builders) team, worked day and night in the construction, taking care of every detail, to make it possible for the “Centro de Desarrollo Social Amparo Quin”, formerly known as Hogar Amparo de Ángeles, to open its doors to host the children for one week, providing them will all of the services and accommodations they deserve. Additionally, today they proudly posed as ushers, responsible for accompanying the ingress of the children to the new site.

On the other hand, all of the members of the infirmary, psychosocial, pedagogic, administrative and general services area joined their knowledge and expertise to thoroughly plan each and every one of the aspects regarding comprehensive care, health, education and life quality of the children, so that nothing is lacking and to make these into unforgettable vacations.

Joy filled the hearts of all the attendees. The education students from Universidad Iberoamericana and Universidad del Bosque were responsible for the colorful and festive environment. The children were the most joyful of all, when they came into their new home that will host them for a few days, where they will enjoy ample and cozy rooms, with their own bathroom and where they will not only see the magnificent nature from their windows but they will also enjoy the fauna, flora and the clean air that one may breathe over there.

This day had a very special meaning because the dream of Amparo Quin (R.I.P), manager of this project that will return hope and happiness to the most vulnerable children in our country, through this great Social Development Center, which will bear her name to honor her memory, became a reality. This dream is just beginning: built step by step: each brick placed is a symbol of the commitment of great allies, angel donors, volunteers, families and friends who have decided to join forces to transform hundreds of lives.”