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More than 60 older adults attended the first medical brigade organized by volunteers from the School of Medicine of the U. de los Andes, under the leadership of Dr. Carlos Ignacio Orjuela in the community food bank “Maria is my Mother” of the Fundación Proyecto Unión.
Graduates and medical students from different semesters met this morning in the center of the capital to provide refreshments and put into action their desire to help by providing care and medicines to the elderly beneficiaries of the food bank.

“It was a very enriching experience as a group, since we were not only able to provide our knowledge and experience, but we were able to make a more humanitarian brigade, which allowed us to share special moments with the elderly, who told us their life stories, thus fulfilling our goals of continuing to work together to establish better living conditions for the people of our country,” said Carlos Orjuela, volunteer angel and ambassador of Fundación Proyecto Unión.

On behalf of the members of the foundation, thank you to this great team of volunteers for helping us to give hope and joy back to our grandparents”.