The life of the Children hosted at Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia would not be the same without the joy and heart that the team of volunteer angels of Fundación Proyecto Unión give them every day.

Inspiring youngsters such as Sergio, Viviana, Isabela, Alejandro, Martha, Daniela, Sebastián, Manuela and Adriana, that set an example by voluntarily coming to our nursing home to participate in pedagogic and leisure activities with the children. They also help us with laundry, feeding and storage activities that have a great positive impact in the well-being of the children.

On the other hand, we also have international volunteers such as Theda and Heloise, from Germany and France, respectively, who are selflessly part of this laudable work. They belong to the volunteers in action program that is changing the world.

Helping is easy and our volunteers’ program, led by our professional Daissy Muñoz, also opened the door for professionals who make their knowledge available for the organization, such as Dr. Luz Estela Flórez, who has helped us as pediatrician for a few years now and she is currently coming with her friend, Cecilia, who brings joy to every corner of the house when playing her accordion.

There are no hinderances to be a volunteer: you just need to bring into action your willingness to help. Let us mention some examples: Rossy and the two sisters Josefa and Luz Helena, who are 78 years old: they enjoy coming and giving their affection and their spare time to the children. Additionally, they visit the Centro de Vida seats in Tocancipá and Bogotá from time to time.

Our team of volunteers is strengthened every day and supports us in this very important mission of bringing back hope to human beings in vulnerable conditions.

It is never too late to light up your volunteer flame and help us transform many lives.
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