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“Yesterday we had a Pediatrics Day at “Centro de Vida los Ángeles” by Dr. Gabriel Lago-Barney, Professor of the School of Medicine at Universidad Javeriana and Pediatrician at Hospital San Ignacio, together with Dr. Catalina Camacho, Professor at the Pediatrics Department of Universidad Javeriana, supported by a team of residents and interns who are pursing their last term of education.

These types of days are part of the social management program developed by Fundación Proyecto Unión in the Municipality of Tocancipá (Cundinamarca, Colombia), where boys and girls with learning, inclusion and development challenges have been identified.

During this day, 8 beneficiary patients were assessed by the professionals, thus allowing to complement the diagnostic studies and determining the corresponding intervention plans.

These days are periodically carried out to the extent that a group of children, who require developmental assessment, is formed, thus fulfilling our mission of preventing the abandonment of more children due to the lack of timely and quality health services delivery.

Thank you to the group of professionals that participated in such day and brought back hope to more families and children who require adequate development when growing, additional to being visible before the community.”