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The group of volunteer angels formed by sisters Yadith, Liz and Bety Chapeta have been unconditionally supporting Proyecto Unión for many years and to close this year with a flourish, they gathered to impact 160 street grandparents, beneficiaries of the programs Comedor María es mi Madre and Casa la Esperanza with a unique lunch of cocido boyacense prepared by themselves.

The recipe was not simple at all and although the goal was to prepare one hundred lunches, with much love and dedication they achieved an exquisite typical dish of the Cundinamarca-Boyacá region for 160 grandparents beneficiaries. The most fortunate were the grandparents who without fail attend this dining room daily and who said they remembered moments of their childhood while they were delighted with this delicious lunch that they had not tasted for many years.

“Every Christmas we want to impact the lives of these grandparents in a different way, bring them happiness and affection, so we join efforts from all members of the family,” said our volunteer angel Yadith Chapeta. The feelings of gratitude for all of them are not only from the foundation, but especially from each of the grandparents who took a beautiful memory of their childhood with this menu prepared with the best ingredient, love.