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In addition to being a leading global technology corporation, CISCO exemplifies social responsibility empowerment, delivering benefits to its employees, vulnerable communities and the planet. At the end of 2021, the doors of the Fundación Proyecto Unión were opened to welcome a large team of CISCO members, who, together with their families, came to transform the lives of children and grandparents through volunteer activities. They also gave money donations, achieving a great impact that undoubtedly improved the quality of life of our beneficiaries.

Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, our volunteer programme managed to carry out a number of playful and recreational activities in a virtual way to interact with the children of the Santa Rita de Cascia Home, who suffer from serious illnesses and did not have the opportunity to be cared for by their parents. Among the activities, it is worth highlighting the reading of stories through videos, as well as songs and children’s books, with the added value of the participation of some children, children of CISCO members, who managed to unite the family around fun activities that changed the routine of the children and were fed back to each volunteer.

On the other hand, for the first time, we had the pleasant surprise for the grandparents, who were street dwellers, to deliver to them, at such a special time as Christmas, a message full of hope through a letter written by CISCO members. That moment was really very special as the inspiration and details given, achieved not only a smile on their face and gratitude, but happiness in their hearts.

In addition, the directors of this important corporation, aware of the needs of the foundation, decided to extend their solidarity by making known our project under construction “Hogar Amparo de Ángeles”, so that every day more efforts can be made, thus achieving important contributions through the Infomedia Service S. A channel and from its parent company in the United States.

To transform lives, you only need to put that desire to help into action, as demonstrated by CISCO members, volunteer angels who know from within their organization that “there is only a bridge between hope and the possible. ” Thanks to this, they decided to connect their hearts to form that bridge, giving their best, to bring well-being, joy and illusions to those human beings facing adversity, while at the same time they received a pleasing satisfaction for their lives, knowing the result obtained thanks to their generosity and each of their valuable initiatives.

This year 2022, we will continue to grow and work hand in hand with CISCO, connecting more hearts to that great bridge, so that together we can build a better future for children and the unprotected elderly in our country.