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With the purpose of strengthening reading habits in children, last weekend we had the presence of Adney Ramirez, who leads the program of promotion and encouragement to reading “The book that was alone”, in the facilities of Casa de los Angeles of the Union Project Foundation. Thanks to Sandra Ramirez, in charge of Prodensa’s social responsibility and educational programs, the children of Jaime Duque Park workers who attend the Leaving Footprints program of the Child Care Day Center, had a whole morning of fun through pedagogical activities that invite them to read.

It is not the first time that Prodensa performs this type of activities in our home, where every day we strengthen the development and provide spaces for recreation and leisure to the children of our country. The dedication and love with which every day we are surprised by the professionals who come to this home, makes it possible for moments of happiness and learning to be the protagonists of the house.

The union of efforts and alliances with organizations as important as Prodensa and “The book that was alone” strengthen our mission every day to transform the lives of those who represent the future of our country”.