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Hope missions

Aware that the needs are not only found in the center of the country, but also prevail in the most remote places of our geography, the foundation periodically accompanies the health brigades organized by different organizations such as the Military Forces, the Arturo Calle Foundations, “Embrace a dream” and “Blue Hands” to find and transfer girls and boys who require specialized treatment in the capital. Hand in hand with our strategic allies we will be able to transform their lives.

We remain committed to our mission and put into practice our motto, “Better to light a candle than to curse the dark.”

All for Yimmi

This is the name of the campaign that made it possible for Yimmi, a 13-year-old boy from the Piapocos Indigenous Community of Barrancominas, to travel to the capital in the company of his uncle and a representative of the Government to the capital to attend a case of hearing loss and put a hearing aid that will improve his life. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Colombian Air Force and the foundations “Manos Pintadas de Azul,” “Cinda” and “Proyecto Unión”, we return hope and joy to the children of our country.

Making a dream come true

Juan Pablo Montero is a 19-year-old young man from Planadas Tolima. His life changed radically 3 years ago, when he was diagnosed with cancer. His family lived through difficult times, but along the way he found friendly hands that helped him go on. “Abraza un Sueño” Foundation, which shares the mission of “Fundación Proyecto Unión”, learned about the case and gave him the opportunity to study, to be a flight attendant, at the Aeronautical Training Academy in Guaymaral.

Today, Juan Pablo managed to control the disease and is living in Casa de los Ángeles, a home away from home of “Fundación Proyecto Unión”, in Tocancipá, which took him in while he pursued his studies at the Guaymaral academy, next to 62 young people. “I feel very happy and grateful to all the people who made it possible to fulfill my dream, I was very surprised by my new home, Casa de los Ángeles, it´s big and beautiful where I feel at home,” says Juan Pablo .

Thanks to the union of efforts, hope is restored to the life of this family, forging a future for this brave young man who wants to get ahead, working as a flight attendant to have the pleasure of traveling and seeing the world.