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“A valuable team of professionals, members of Subred Integrada de Servicios de Salud Norte arrived in the seat of Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia of Fundación Proyecto Unión aimed at promoting healthy habits for the lives of beneficiary children and adolescents, though the Healthy Vacations Program, a program articulated together with the Secretariat of Health. Upon learning about the mission of the Nursing Home, they joined the pedagogy and recreation teams to transform different spaces inside the house.

Among the activities they developed, it is worth mentioning the Cheyeko game, music therapy, free drawing, literature with the Pavinchi Story Books and performing postural movements. It was a week of permanent interaction with the kids and staff, where they did not only shared their knowledge and care, but also, learned from each one of the children. This is why this group composed by Nursing, Nutrition, Social Communication, Psychology and Environmental Engineering Professionals were so appreciative of the opportunity granted by the Fundación as they felt welcome to develop activities and support the pedagogy team around promoting health and preventing deceases. Likewise, they reaffirmed their commitment to come back.

“As human beings, our takeaway is a message that contributes to our personal, family, social and professional knowledge, but which, most of all, enriches us as human beings, as we learn from each one of the children and professionals with which we shared our time during these days”, the members of the team said. On their last day, they prepared a gratefulness billboard and left the doors of the Subred open to continue to work together for the benefit of the most vulnerable children population”.