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Yesterday, aimed at showing the progress of the activities conducted in the “Dejando Huellas” (Leaving a Mark) program, at the facilities of Centro de Vida (Center of Life) the closing ceremony of the learning period that about 54 children have been living took place. These are children of staff members of Parque Jaime Duque.

For 4 months, our Hope Managers, together with educators from Ecoparque Sabana (Sabana Eco-Park) and Bioparque Wakatá (Wakatá Bio-Park) conducted recreational and exploration activities, through which children learned how to identify fauna and flora species found in the region, in particular those that are in danger of extinction.

The process concluded successfully with a theatrical play performed before parents, where children interpreted different animals such as gallinules, Andean bears, condors and frogs, among others. Finally, this activity fulfilled the purpose of showing what the children had learned in their environmental education spaces, and it was also a space to foster culture, nature and strengthen family attachment.