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Casa de los Ángeles

This house was named in honor of mothers who, as angels, have the important mission of caring for their children, especially when one of their children is ill.

Casa de los Ángeles was born one day in 2000 when Dr. Fernando Quintero, carrying out his mission as a volunteer in the oncology ward of the Hospital La Misericordia in Bogotá, found a mother from Aquitania Boyacá, taking care of her son sick. Her face reflected the suffering and the need for a helping hand when asked how she helped her, she replied that if she offered her a chocoramo and a juice it was enough since she came from far away and had not eaten a bite all day, since her son was hospitalized and ill.

For 14 years this huge three-story house gradually adapted to the needs with the possibility of housing 11 families in their rooms, with bathrooms, games room, computer room, dining room, kitchen, cellar and offices.

There have been many families from far corners of our country and other countries who have regained their hope, as they pass through this warm home, illnesses have been more bearable thanks to the unconditional support of the Unión Proyecto Familia and the support of angels. volunteers and donors who continue to support us. Today, the possibilities of receiving children with different pathologies, cancer, HIV, those who come for long treatments, surgeries, prostheses, transplants and burned children, among others, have been opened, thanks to agreements that strengthen our mission. It is the testimonies of these families that motivate us to continue working hard to improve every day the conditions and quality of life of those who need it most.

Currently the house in Bogotá has moved to a new headquarters located in the municipality of Tocancipá, on the grounds of the Sabana Ecopark, making part of the first stage of a great dream that is built to change a reality in our country, the “Centro de Vida los Ángeles -The Angels Life Center”.

Life testimonials

“After going through many hospitals, we now have a home with all the right conditions for Dylan, at Casa de los Ángeles we can take care of him and have him closer to his home in Tocancipá. Hand in hand with the nurses, therapists and the love of the Proyecto Unión family, they gave back joy and hope to our family ”.

Estela BernalEstela Bernal grandmother of Dylan, beneficiary of Casa de los Ángeles