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Volunteers in Action we are changing the world

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We want to wake up in some cases and in others, strengthen that flame of volunteer that each human being carries within and keep it alive so that with a smile, faith and hope we can all build a better world.

The Fundación Proyecto Unión was created in 1999 with the aim of generating a positive change in the conditions of the vulnerable and special populations of our country, rescuing the hope of hundreds of children with difficult-to-manage diseases as well as the elderly inhabitants of Street. For this reason, the work carried out by each of our volunteer angels is considered of vital importance, attending to the needs and contributing in different ways to the improvement of the quality of life of those who need it most.

The vision of the “Volunteers in Action We are Changing the World” program is to become a strengthened program at the national and international level that works comprehensively for inclusion, equity and attention to the needs of the most vulnerable population, generating personal and professional growth in the community of volunteers achieving great transformations in society.

Contact us on the single line of the volunteer whatsapp 3143753918 or write to us at

Volunteering Fields of Action

Volunteering requires a commitment. This commitment of the volunteer is outlined in a document called the volunteering route where the time, tasks, and training required for each of the levels appear.
This is how the volunteer of the Fundación Proyecto Unión will be able to act in the following fields of action:

a) Humanitarian Assistance: Specific actions to resolve situations that arise in a community in order to generate well-being.

b) Social Activities: Through work in recreation, education, personal care and the promotion of good habits, the volunteers support the development of activities in reference to the care of the beneficiaries and their well-being.

c) Awareness and promotion: They accompany the awareness of people to promote, develop actions that contribute to solidarity in order to contribute to meeting needs.

d) Training: Volunteers according to their profile, experience and desire to help, will be able to put their knowledge into practice at the service of others.

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Types of vounteers

Volunteer Angel

She is a person who has all the energy, commitment and willingness to share some of her time, participating and supporting the development of activities carried out with the children and grandparents who are beneficiaries of the Fundación Proyecto Unión.

Within the Angel Volunteer program are the Professional or Technical Angels who wish to put their knowledge and / or professional skills at the service of the Foundation, contributing to the fulfillment of our mission. Volunteers assume a responsibility when they decide to accept being volunteer angels and once they receive induction and training they can participate in educational, social, cultural, environmental, recreational and health activities, among others.

Ambassador Angel

He is a committed, supportive and kind-hearted person, they are our ambassadors of goodwill that, thanks to his professional position, spreads among his partners, clients and friends our programs and projects in order to specify the participation of companies or organizations. He is a caring, sensitive person, leader of a community that identifies with the values ​​of the Fundación Proyecto Union and enthusiastically seeks the opportunity to support our goals representing us in different social circles

Donor and Non-monetary Donations Angel

He is a generous and supportive person who contributes a sum of money only one
once or periodically. These are donations in money or in kind, daily, people, companies, students, families who want to do their bit to support our Foundation.

Our donor angels decide how to make their contribution, the value or elements to donate, their periodicity and determine the program or project of the Foundation to support, in such a way that they form the base that has made possible not only to give continuity to our programs but to make our dreams come true.

Corporative volunteering

The Foundation opens the doors to those companies and organizations that wish to carry out their corporate volunteering at the Foundation, for this they design a corporate volunteering route taking into account your interests and availability.

An organization or institution that contributes in various ways to development social under the framework of corporate social responsibility is an example of collaboration, solidarity, and commitment that develops social awareness and generating positive changes to achieve a better world for everybody. A socially responsible company builds loyalty, it is an example to follow, strengthen your institutional image.

We support new ways of managing the environment that protect the ecosystems and the different forms of life on the planet in sustainable ways in time, through the conservation project that is being carried out in the Sabana eco-park.

International volunteering

The international volunteering program of the Fundación Proyecto Unión was created with the purpose of receiving volunteers from around the world interested in serving two of the most vulnerable populations in our country: children with complex diseases and the grandparents living on the streets.

Currently the program offers the possibility to foreign volunteers to volunteer at Casa de los Ángeles, municipality of Tocancipá, which functions as a foster home to care for sick children from faraway places requiring medical treatment in the capital, always in the company of a family member, for as long as necessary. International volunteers who sign up for the program have the possibility of stay in comfortable rooms in the house and eat during your stay, in an environment specially designed for the recovery of children. The house has a spacious reading, music and art rooms, surrounded by nature and with the possibility of interacting with the biodiversity of the place, learning and carrying out conservation of the environment in the Sabana Ecopark.

Volunteers from 12 countries in America and Europe have come to the Fundación Proyecto Union to fulfill their desire to transform the world through international agencies or known to the Foundation. Only from the year 2018 was the opportunity to offer accommodation and food at the Casa de los Ángeles to receive them during the duration of your volunteering.

These actions demonstrate the deep affection we have for life in each of its forms, our commitment and responsibility with the creation of a more just, supportive and happy world.

Life testimonials

"For my life it has been extremely important to be a volunteer for the Foundation, to give love to the children that their families could not take care of every day, it fills my heart".

Angela María CáceresVolunteer Angel

"I learned that I can do many things and children make me very happy, when I don't come I miss them, the best days for me are when my children show progress."

Laura SedlbauerInternational Volunteer Physiotherapist

“Coming to Proyecto Unión as a pediatrician volunteer means being able to give something of myself, give everything I have of myself, my knowledge and experience to improve the children's health a little, so that they are more comfortable in the face of such a difficult situation. it's time to live ”.

Luz Stella Florez PatarroyoVolunteer Pediatrician Angel

“Since the year 1972, I decided to turn my life around, directing my actions in favor of those who needed it most, I fell in love with what Fundación Proyecto Unión does and how it does things, that is why I am part of them. There are millions of emotions that I feel when I go to one of their houses, when with actions I achieve results. Every day that passes I am filled with joy, satisfaction and desire to continue helping ”.

Gloria WiesnerAmbassador Angel

“My great passion is to give my time and my love to each child of the Foundation. My mission is to look for allies that support us to fulfill this great dream ”.

Carolina GilCarolina Gil Corporate Volunteering, SME Advisor and Volunteer Leader Fundación Bancolombia