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Plan Chanchito


Who I am?

The Chanchito Plan was born from the need to build a dream, a home so that no child in our country dies due to the lack of timely, continuous and quality medical care. This pink superhero with a blue cape fulfills the important mission of flying through the skies of our country to the most remote corners, looking for children who require medical help. Hundreds of children have been brought to the capital where they are cared for and cared for to return to their homes, achieving a better quality of life, others who cannot be cared for by their families, arrive at our Foundation, where they hand in hand with the ICBF we take care of them as long as necessary. El Chanchito is the symbol of hope needed by hundreds of families who have a hero fighting a disease.

Our dream

The construction and financing of the “Centro de Vida los Ángeles” is an initiative based on the faith and solidarity of all Colombian families and the world who want to be part of this project that will transform many lives since many families do not count with the necessary resources to care for their sick children and many of them end their lives in chronic care centers.

Today the first stage of the Centro de Vida is a dream come true, Casa de los Ángeles opened its doors in the municipality of Tocancipá thanks to the land donated by our main ally, the Jaime Duque Park to house 26 families who come from different regions of the country to receive treatment in the hospitals of Bogotá.

In 2018, the construction of the second stage began, the “Hogar Amparo de Ángeles”, a place designed to house more than 100 children with complex and difficult-to-manage diseases, who are under the protection of the ICBF, due to different reasons their families cannot take care of them and they are left abandoned and sick in hospitals. Currently this work is progressing but we need new donor angels to join us to achieve that dream.

How to get involve?

The Chanchito Plan is a strategy to obtain resources for the construction and financing of the “Centro de Vida los Angeles”, a social innovation project that you cannot stop belonging to, donating through our links or with materials.

Helping is easy!

Together we will be able to change many lives, each contribution is important to fulfill our mission.

What do we need?

Week by week we advance and each day new essential elements are required to give continuity to this great work. Get to know our needs first-hand and join us by donating materials.


Social responsability

This is a great opportunity for companies to develop their corporate social responsibility strategies, involving all their workers to sponsor this plan, adding value to society and vulnerable communities.


Build your own Chanchito -Piggy bank

If you want to be part of this Plan as a family, you can also invite your children to print this piggy bank so that together they can fill it and contribute to this great cause, instilling in children from an early age the need to help those who need it most.

You can take a photo with the piggy bank (chanchito) and share it on your social networks, help us get more families to join this project and thus together we will build a better future for sick children in our country.


How are we doing?



Our dreams have not stopped growing! The pandemic crisis has affected the entire world, however, at Proyecto Unión we have not stopped working for our children, this is how our work is going thanks to the support of our donors.

Thank you Donor Angels!

This dream cannot come true, without the help of our donor angels, who with their solidarity have made it possible for this project to advance so that we can soon open the doors of this Home that will serve more than a hundred children with complex pathologies. Thank you for being part of this legacy for humanity, which teaches us that united we are capable of transforming the world.