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How to help?


There are many ways to help, you only need your will to do it, be part of that change you want to see in the world, together we can make a difference.

Plan Chanchito

Let’s make it happen!

And your contribution is very important! The Chanchito Plan is one of the main strategies for obtaining resources for the construction and financing of the “Los Angeles Life Center,” it is an initiative based on faith and the solidarity of all Colombian families and the world who want to be part of this project, leaving a legacy to humanity, sending a message to the new generations that with courage and bravery we are capable of making a better world for everyone.

In this way, we pay tribute to all the families who have a hero fighting a difficult disease.

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Digital Bonds

At this time where virtuality has become a necessity to communicate and thus give continuity to our daily work, the Fundación Proyecto Unión provided the opportunity to acquire the vouchers digitally.

The vouchers are used as a gift to send on special occasions such as: birthdays, showers, condolences, baptisms, etc. The Institutional Development team is in charge of the sale of these bonds.

If you are interested in acquiring any of these bonds, write to us at: desarrollo@proyectounió 

Solidarity Bonds

This is a simple way to help that consists of acquiring a voucher that can be used as a gift for different occasions: marriages, degrees, first communions, tributes, etc.

With the acquisition of any of our vouchers, you will be able to surprise your loved ones, on special dates, contributing to those who need it most, without expecting anything in return, it will be a great gift.

Individuals or companies can acquire the bonds from $ 20,000 pesos onwards at any of our headquarters.

Construction Bonds

You can also purchase donation vouchers at our headquarters, your company, your family and friends can join in our great dream: the construction of the Los Angeles Life Center. By acquiring our bonds worth $ 25,000, $ 50,000, $ 100,000, $ 200,000, $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000 pesos, we will ensure that there is not a single sick and abandoned child in a hospital in our country and we will transform the lives of many families who face adversity, providing quality and timely care to those who need it most.

Ángel al Volante

You can make a difference, you just need to want to help all those families who come from afar, with their sick children, to a big city that they do not know and have to go to their medical treatments and appointments from Casa de los Ángeles in Tocancipá or del Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia to the different hospitals in Bogotá. Your company added to the transport support, will make their passage through the disease much easier.

If you are interested in being part of this program, write us to the email: voluntarios@proyectounió

Pipe Bike

Thinking about the well-being and quality of life of children, the foundation carries out a series of inclusion projects that will be the perfect complement for children with complex diseases to have access to all those therapies and activities that will transform their lives.

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Pipe Bike is a project that was born from Yadit Chapeta, a volunteer angel who came to Fundación Proyecto Unión two years ago motivated by the desire to serve children with difficult illnesses and the vast majority abandoned by their families. She had the fortune to meet Pipe, an 8-year-old boy from the Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia and established a very special connection, one day when he was giving his legs a massage, Verónica, a girl from the home in bicycle, he squeezed her hand and she simply interpreted his gesture and said: “Pipe get strong and let’s get a bicycle, I’m going to give it to you.”

From that moment on, Yadit, together with his family and friends, thought about the great benefits that this resource would bring to hundreds children benefiting from the Foundation and undertook the task of looking for a bicycle specially designed for children with special conditions.
The pure air and nature that surround the Centro de Vida los Ángeles will be the ideal setting to transform the lives of many children who lead a large part of their lives, sitting in a wheelchair or lying in their bed and that thanks to the Project “ Pipe Bike ”will be able to ride a bicycle alongside their volunteer angels.

PipeBike is a project where through a bicycle designed to ride boys and girls with some type of disability. A psychic, emotional and inclusive therapy is provided for the little ones since they can live the experience of riding a bicycle like any other child.

If you want to know more about this great project visit

Join us and start pedaling your desire to help!!

Perritos de Mar

“Perritos de Mar, fur that heals”, is another project that started with the sole objective of providing canine therapeutic support to the children of the foundation. Currently there are two canines in the Tocancipá Life Center who are in the hands of a professional in the process of becoming animals that develop assisted activities, providing psycho-affective support and physiotherapy activities.

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On the other hand, at the current headquarters of the Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia Home, therapies are periodically carried out with dogs for children with disabilities, either at the initiative of volunteers or physiotherapy students who carry out their professional practice at home. This type of activities not only achieves an affective and evolutionary connection in the behaviors of the little ones, through the trust, security and protection that they provide, but it also brightens their lives, allowing them to be in contact with the canines, which for them is nothing common and that takes them completely out of your daily routine.

Aware of the benefits of this type of therapy in the rehabilitation of children and that dogs turn out to be the best companions for them, the foundation is developing this great project that will be a perfect complement to the Centro de Vida, a place surrounded by pure aire and nature.

For more information write to:

Contributing with the Soul

The “Contributing with the Soul” program arises from the permanent commitment of companies and people who wish to express their solidarity and desire to help continuously, allowing our programs to be maintained over time, providing the necessary resources to meet basic operational needs.

Subscribe to our plan through small monthly donations to achieve the daily maintenance of our homes, supporting the food and well-being of sick children and elderly street dwellers.

Contact us at

Solidarity stamps "Stamps that leave traces".

Proyecto Unión has created the “Solidarity Stamps” program to open the doors to companies and national organizations that wish to channel their efforts towards 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for the year 2030. These goals are oriented to health, nutrition and well-being of vulnerable children and grandparents, as well as initiatives that seek to improve the environment, starting with our communities.

With the acquisition of a Solidarity Seal, your company can provide solutions for personal hygiene, nutrition, medical care for the most needy population and leave a green footprint for future generations. Be part of the commitment! and discover the benefits that social responsibility brings to your organization.

Contact us for more information:

  • Jackeline Otálora: 322 276 1195
  • Mauricio Quintero: 314 291 5093

Learning - Social Service

Service-learning is a method to unite educational success and social commitment: learning to be competent by being useful to others, learning by doing a service to the community. For this reason, the Foundation receives daily students from different schools in the capital such as: Santa María, Nueva Granada, Cristiano Gracia y Amor, Santa Francisca Romana, Gimnasio los Cerros, among others.

More information

Service-learning is a method to unite educational success and social commitment: learning to be competent by being useful to others, learning by doing a service to the community. For this reason, the Foundation receives daily students from different schools in the capital such as: Santa María, Nueva Granada, Cristiano Gracia y Amor, Santa Francisca Romana, Gimnasio los Cerros, among others.

Through service-learning, young people who carry out their social service improve their learning results in knowledge, capacities, skills, attitudes and moral values, but they do so while acting as citizens committed to the children and the elderly of our foundation.

Painting murals, reading stories, dancing, singing to the children, folding clothes, serving breakfast to the grandparents, taking the children for a walk and sowing seeds in the garden, are among others some of the activities carried out by the students in the different branches of the Foundation.

Learning by doing a service to the community is the objective pursued by our program and for this we only require the social commitment of our students to transform the world.

Steps to perform social service

  1. The School must send a letter to the email introducing the student (s) and the person in charge of them.
  2. The volunteer section will contact the person in charge of the School informing the hours and locations available.
  3. Students will be summoned for induction and delivery of work schedules.
  4. The School must send a form to control and monitor attendance.
  5. The foundation will deliver the corresponding certifications, once the agreed hours are finished.

Professional and Social Practice

We have a series of agreements established with Universities and Higher Education Centers that allow us to provide a privileged place for students of different disciplines to carry out their professional or social practice, making future generations aware of the realities in our society.

More information

Students can carry out their internship on a daily basis at the different headquarters of the Foundation, to put their knowledge into practice and support the work of our professional team. To do this, you must first sign an agreement and send a request to where you express your interest and type of practice, our community section will contact you to define schedules, quotas and inform the process established for this purpose.

Who to leave our legacy to?

Do you know who you are going to leave your goods to when you are gone? If you decide, the present and future of hundreds of children, sick adolescents and elderly street dwellers could be different, thanks to you.

More information

The option to leave your legacy so that there is not a single sick and abandoned child in a hospital in our country, to provide a better quality of life, return smiles and sow hope in the lives of human beings who face adversity, It is a decision that will make a difference.

The doors of the Foundation are open to receive you, you do not need to have a great fortune, only the desire to leave your mark in life forever. Knowing that your assets will be used in a good cause will make you feel calm and happy.

Contact us at the email fundació

Where to donate?

We have enabled the following accounts to donate, we receive donations in money and in kind.
The foundation is able to issue the corresponding donation certificates by email:

To donate in Colombia

On consignment or transfer

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Life testimonials

"They were valuable moments that were gratified by achieving a smile, having the opportunity to listen to life stories that leave us great lessons and strengthen the bonds of friendship between two families that did not know each other before is wonderful."

Claudia OlayaVolunteer Ángel al Volante

"At the Fundación Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia, with the advice of the Engineer Leonel Pérez Solano, weekly sessions are held so that the children interact with each other with the animals and thus strengthen their interaction and participation with the environment."

María Fernanda Pérez TorresUMB Physiotherapy Teacher

“After being this semester, doing my social practice here, I understand that serving others becomes essential in your life, something that I had not done before with dedication and passion makes me want to be better every day and encourages me to generate changes, starting with something so small and at the same time as big as sharing with a child for whom you become the superhero of his life for two hours ”.

Litzy Gisella BermúdezBacteriology student U. Javeriana

"If you want to know a place where you can support those who need it, not only to give and feel satisfied, but to receive a lot, the Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia is that place."

Paola SantosPsychologist Fundación Proyecto Unión

“The Foundation leaves me ai a lifes leasson. We have everything and we do not value it and these children are happy with a simple kiss or caress ”.

Vanesa DiazNursing Assistant Intern, Campo Alto