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Hundreds of children are born with diseases that are difficult to manage and their parents cannot take care of them, with your contribution we can help prevent these circumstances and protect the fundamental rights of our childhood.

Together we will change many lives, each contribution is important to fulfill our mission

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On consignment or transfer

Owner: Fundación Proyecto Unión
NIT: 830137451
Savings Account No. 17868610247

Note: For account registration please do not
include the verification digit (-9) in the NIT

Owner: Fundación Proyecto Unión
NIT: 830137451-9
Current Account No. 0438543015

Owner: Fundación Proyecto Unión
NIT: 830137451-9
Checking Account No. 423000215
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From other countries

Bank of America

Owner: Friends of Angels Foundation
Account number: 8980 7905 4503
Routing number: 063100277
Routing Number for Bank Transfers: 026009593
Routing Numbers for Check or Electronic Transfers: 063000047/063100277
SWIFT code for euros in Bank of America: BOFAUS6S
SWIFT code for dollars in Bank of America: BOFAUS3N
Address: 20801 Byscaine Blvd Suite 403
Aventura, FL 33280

Friends of Angels Germany e.V.

Owner:c/o Sarah Grünewald
Bugenhagenstrasse 11
10551 Berlin
(+49) 173 5454806
Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE69 4306 0967 1207 5712 00
Registration number: VR 38749 B
Tax number: 27/653/59622

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Different companies, organizations and families have joined this great work that seeks to transform the lives of children and grandparents in vulnerable situations. We invite you to join this great cause; With your contribution, you will help improve the quality of life and protect the rights of vulnerable beings. Your generosity makes the difference, we need to raise awareness to have a more humane and just society!