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Comedor María es mi Madre

Comedor María es mi Madre, was born 23 years ago at the initiative of Father Ray Shambach Garcés, founder of the Divine Providence fraternity and mentor of Dr. Fernando Quintero throughout his life project, as a volunteer and as a professional. Father Rodrigo Ospina S. J. and Dr. Quintero began as volunteers for the fraternity, bringing a sandwich and juice from Usaquén to the abandoned grandparents who inhabit the streets of the city center.

One of the main benefactors was Captain Jaime Duque (RIP), who at the time of his death put this great program at risk, which was finally transferred by Father Ray to Dr. Quintero, who ended up leading it by offering breakfast and lunch daily for years. more than 20 years to the elderly street dwellers.

This place is visited daily by about 200 elderly street dwellers who come to look for a hot chocolate in the morning to warm up and a delicious lunch, in comfortable facilities where for more than twenty years they have managed to strengthen the value of friendship.

The dining room has a valuable team of people and volunteers under the direction of a local coordinator, who get up every day to prepare and lovingly care for this vulnerable population. Weekly, corporate volunteering, volunteer angels and families who know us, schedule special events for the benefit of grandparents and celebrate special dates such as the day of love and friendship, Christmas, Grandfather’s month, etc., managing to reintegrate them into society and give them back hope to their lives.

Additionally, Dr. Fernando Quintero, Director of the Foundation, periodically attends consultations and delivers medications to those who may need them. Every help that arrives is very important, the smile and expressions of gratitude from the grandparents are the main engine for this dining room to continue operating since its foundation.

Life testimonials

“Because for 500 pesos a day you have delicious breakfast and lunch, made with a lot of love, for 500 pesos you get a coffee on the street here, in the Comedor María es mi Madre, with that you have breakfast and lunch very well".

Carlos SaenzGrandfather beneficiary of the Comedor María es mi Madre