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Centro de Vida de los Ángeles

Progress of the construction of Hogar Amparo de Ángeles


What is it?

The Fundación Proyecto Unión dreams and works so that no child in our country die for the lack of timely, ongoing, and quality health care. For this end we will build the Los Angeles Life Center, a specialized medical unit and research, which will be a place that will act in an integrated and multidisciplinary way in diagnosis, treatment and recovery of all children who are struggling against a disease difficult to manage such as cancer, HIV / AIDS, genetic syndromes serious.

Through kind and loving medical care with a human team highly trained, high-tech equipment and the best quality infrastructure, and especially where families have full assurance that their children will be in the best hands.

In the Life Center we will offer


Early detection of childhood cancer greatly increases the chances of that the treatment is effective. The main objectives we seek with a timely diagnosis is to cure or considerably prolong the life of children and improve the quality of life of children who manage to overcome the disease.


Once the diagnosis and degree of extent of the disease, a decision must be made about the most effective: surgery, radiotherapy and systemic treatment, choice that should be based on scientific evidence on the best existing treatment without taking into account the financial resources available to families. Because the most important thing is choose the appropriate treatment to ensure full recovery of children.


Recovery is the active total care of the body, mind and spirit of the child, and in providing support to the family, so that they can regain their hope of living a positive future full of opportunities for your children.


The Los Angeles Life Center will focus on the generation of knowledge scientist in gene therapy, bone marrow transplantation, chemotherapy, biochemistry of healthy and cancer cells, radiotherapy, diseases of the blood, resistance to therapy, virus, inherited diseases, influenza, AIDS to prevent and control the risks and effects on the physical and mental health of our children.


The foundation stone of the Life Center was laid on May 13, 2015 in a simple ceremony attended by the Directors of the Jaime Duque Park, in head of Amparo Quin de Duque (RIP), Rafael Torres and Maria Amparo Torres who made possible the dream of building a Life Center through the Donation of 11 hectares of land, continuing to the Conservation Project of the Sabana Ecopark

The Los Angeles Life Center began to be built in 2017, through the Infuturas Construction company and the architectural firm ENTORNO, taking into account the criteria of the global agenda for green hospitals in the world, which will allow also be an icon of the best environmental friendly practices, thus offering a pleasant space for recovery and with the least impact.
To achieve this we will work on the 10 key points of green hospitals that are: leadership, chemicals, waste, energy, water, food transportation, pharmaceutical products, buildings and green purchases.

Casa de los Ángeles

Today the first stage of the Life Center is a dream come true, Casa de los Ángeles opened its doors in the municipality of Tocancipá, to house 26 families that come from different regions of the country to receive treatment in the hospitals in Bogotá. In this home they will find a safe roof, a bed comfortable, food, laundry area, kitchen, it is surrounded by green areas and nature for recreation and the best there will find the affection of a great family that will accompany you for the duration of your treatment.

The house has spacious rooms, equipped with a private bathroom and comfortable beds, in the house there are appropriate spaces for healthy recreation and recreation for children, such as toy libraries, TV room, music, crafts, computing, etc. The work had a cost of 1,890 million COP that were collected thanks to the contribution of families, companies and people who joined efforts to do it reality.

Hogar Amparo de Ángeles

The construction of the second stage, El Hogar Amparo de Ángeles, has already begun, a place designed to house more than 100 children with complex and difficult-to-manage diseases, who are under the protection of the ICBF, due to different reasons their families cannot take care of them and they are left abandoned and sick in the hospitals. Why build Amparo de Ángeles?
Because we continue to change realities, in our country, many families do not have the resources to take care of them and many of them end up their lives in chronic care centers.

This megaproject will require the investment of 3,000 million COP that they will allow no child to be alone and sick in a hospital in our country.

This Home will have a multidisciplinary human team in the areas of medicine, psychology, social work, special education, physical therapy, respiratory and occupational, added to the great nursing team that will attend to our children 365 days a year.
Children currently in the care of children are expected to we at Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia, move to this one at the end of 2019, the one that will be your new home.

Specialized Pediatric Unit

Finally our adventure includes the creation of a Pediatric Unit Specialized, which will have timely and quality care for babies premature infants, oriented to the subject of prevention, for this it contemplates a Unit Neonatal for premature infants with high neurological risk. This project will be developed taking into account the criteria of the global agenda for hospitals greens in the world, which will also allow us to be an icon of the best environmentally friendly practices, thus offering a pleasant space for recovery and with the least impact.

Nuestro proyecto està orientado a brindar todo el cuidado y el amor que nuestros niños necesitan, Todas las personas que decidan hacer esta nueva inversión social están contribuyendo a la construcciòn de una sociedad que cuida y valora a su infancia. Este complejo está diseñado para trabajar sobre los 10 puntos claves que identifican a los hospitales verdes: liderazgo, sustancias quìmicas, residuos, energía, agua, transporte, alimentos, productos farmacéuticos, edificios y compras verdes.

Amparo Quin Convention Center

This center was named like this, in honor of Mrs. Amparo Quin de Duque, (RIP) main manager and benefactor of our dream. She a brave woman who accompanied a visionary Captain Jaime Duque, (RIP), continued the work to leave a legacy for humanity and a Life Center to save the life of hundreds of children in our country.

This place of cultural character will benefit the entire complex as it seeks contribute to the development of the region. It will have a library, recreational areas, an auditorium for events with capacity for 1,500 people, two auditoriums for international speakers, clinics and offices available to lease.

Pediatric Burns Ward

One of our strategic allies, the INTI Foundation, an entity without the intention of profit that has dedicated its work to helping survivors of burns and work on their prevention processes, through surgeries reconstructive, psychological therapies, nutritional support and help with displacement to attend medical treatments, joins this great dream to through the construction of a pediatric burn ward.

Thanks to the land donated by the Jaime Duque Park, INTI will complement this large complex, joining efforts to help families in a situation of vulnerability who have minor children and who generally live in remote places to the capital and must move to Bogotá to receive medical treatment for any of your children.

Life Testimonials

“The great alliances consolidate great dreams, thanks to this important alliance we already have the land to build the INTI Burns Unit in the Centro de Vida los Ángeles. In addition, many child survivors of burns can stay for free with their families at the Casa de los Ángeles headquarters while they receive their medical treatment with INTI ”.

Adriana LíévanoGeneral Director INTI

“Thanks to the Foundation Agreement and Hospital San Ignacio we have managed to improve the quality of life, providing care with specialists in the children's home, so the clinical, the social and the outpatient come together to have access to health in their home".

Dr. Gabriel Lago BarneyPediatrician at Hospital Universitario San Ignacio

“A decade ago, when we met the foundation, I can say that it was love at first sight, meeting its director, workers, volunteers, but above all the sick little angels who lived there, it was an experience that we assimilated with the eyes of the heart. . Since then we have maintained a collaborative relationship and our intention is to continue supporting them in all their projects ”.

Isabel Cristina Cárdenas NiñoLegal Representative Colombia CIAI (Italian Center Aiuti all´Infanzia ”)

“Proyecto Unión is an initiative that has captivated us since 2015. From our beginnings we have seen the great effort of Dr. Fernando Quintero and the love that he invests in bringing many young children forward, he is a great hero who with his great team it inspires our social work and motivates us to dream that we can change realities ”.

Liliana GelvezExecutive Director Fundación GE