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Casa de la Esperanza

It is a home for 60 grandparents living on the streets located in the heart of the capital.

It was created by Father Ray Schambach as a nursing home, which he remodeled in 2008, later without resources to maintain it, he gave the place to Dr. Fernando Quintero, who currently leads this program aimed at rescuing the dignity of the elderly street dweller.

This huge and old house was acquired in order to provide a clean bed, a safe roof, food and, most importantly, the warmth of home, the affection and the company that our older adults need, in this the last stage of their lives, restoring hope to live with dignity.

The beneficiaries who live there undertake to comply with the schedules and rules established by their Home Coordinator in such a way that the home always remains clean and organized, with love and respect prevailing.

This house is sustained thanks to the contribution of donor angels, families, organizations and friends who have strengthened ties with the foundation’s grandparents through activities for their benefit, donations in kind and money that make maintenance possible. of the home and covering the basic needs of the beneficiaries.

Life testimonials

"Here at Casa de la Esperanza, one finds happiness, tranquility and brotherhood, to all the beneficiaries of this house, Fundación Proyecto Unión gave them life expectancy, a roof and a decent bed are essential to be able to live"

Mardoqueo ForeroGrandfather beneficiary of Casa la Esperanza